Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kashmir

Kashmir, an adorable and serene land with panoramic views, which will take your breath away with its unparalleled beauty, attracts the hearts of many tourists from all over the globe. The beautiful destination has everything in its domain that will make your vacation unforgettable for the rest of your life.

The attraction promises unique experiences to the tourists in the form of thrilling trekking activities on the various mountains in the region and marveling at the houseboats on the beautiful lakes of Srinagar.

The admiring heavenly state offers the many sacred sites, temples, and religious and spiritual hotspots that flaunt the culture and tradition of Kashmir with a wide smile. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful paradise, the top Kashmir tour packages provider will help you to get the most out of your vacation. Due to its beautiful landscape, Kashmir is known as the Switzerland of India.

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kashmir

If you are planning to explore Kashmir and want to discover the best of its beauty, here are some great attractions that will make your trip worthwhile. These fascinating attractions in Kashmir will make your vacation amazing with the best travel agency for Kashmir tour package. Let’s check them out!!!


Srinagar is one of the best tourist destinations to explore in Kashmir and showcases the mesmerizing beauty of nature. From boating to trekking and bird watching to Mughal architecture, Srinagar caters to everyone’s traveling needs. Popularly known as the mirror to the mountains, Srinagar has many amazing sights to explore. It is the largest city in Kashmir and is blessed with green hills and the beautiful Dal Lake.


Gulmarg is another destination for adventure enthusiasts and one of the best valleys to explore in Kashmir. The pristine valley guarantees the beauty of the state and was the favorite resort of Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Tourists can enjoy gondolas and skiing with the best Kashmir tour packages as it is now becoming an adorable attraction for adventurous activities. The destination also hosts two major skiing events at Easter and Christmas each year.


Pahalgam is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Kashmir and it is a famous valley. With an incredibly captivating view that looks like a perfect portrait on canvas, with the glittering Lidder River, lush meadows, and young pine trees, Pahalgam has everything to take your breath away and make your vacation more beautiful than ever. With numerous hotspots to explore in Pahalgam, the destination has emerged as the go-to destination for all types of tourists and travelers.


Sonamarg is a wonderful tourist destination to explore in Kashmir with the best tour operators for Kashmir tour packages that will make your trip enjoyable. Blessed with lush grasslands, mesmerizing lakes, and massive glaciers, the beautiful Himalayan town is full of breathtaking wonders. It is also known as a base camp for many treks and also offers many trekking activities.

Betaab Valley

The beautiful valley got its name from the famous Bollywood movie Betaab as the shooting has taken place here. The valley was formerly known as the Hagan Valley. Blessed with the thick coniferous forests, gushing streams, and fascinating meadows, the beauty of Betaab Valley can’t be described just in few words. If you want to explore the best out of serenity of nature, it is the best place to be at. Apart from admiring the beautiful nature, the tourists can also indulge in the thrilling trekking trails here.

Things to Experience in Kashmir

The beautiful tourist attraction is located in the Himalayan ranges and promises the best experiences. The perfect location and the terrain make some of the attractions exclusive to the destination and one can experience amazing things with the best Kashmir tour packages.

Shikara Ride

Relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the distant mountains and the beautiful Dal Lake. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Shikara Ride is one of the best things to experience in Kashmir. Make your journey in Kashmir more peaceful and serene with Shikara Ride. Enjoy the gentle sound of spears breaking on the water, the soothing atmosphere, and the aura of Kashmir without any hassle.

Pony Ride Excursions

Pony is considered to be the most popular form of travel in the tranquil valleys of Kashmir. One of the amazing things to do here is to take a pony ride with the best tour operator for Kashmir. The popular tourist spots for pony riding include Pahalgam, Sonamarg, Yushmarg, and Gulmarg. Pony riding is the best way to learn more about the authentic way of life and culture of Kashmir.

Houseboat Stay

Not only the Shikara ride but the houseboat stay is one of the most exciting things to experience in Kashmir. An overnight stay in the beautiful surroundings of Kashmir brings a new experience to your holiday. Whether you are a vacationer, a family traveler, or a solo traveler, houseboat stay is one of the amazing things you should experience in Kashmir.

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kashmir

Gondola Ride

One of the best things to do in Kashmir is the Gondola Ride which will make your trip more fun. It is one of the most exciting and thrilling thing to do in Kashmir. Tourists prefer to indulge in the activity to admire the beauty of Kashmir from the bird’s eye view. It is the second largest and highest cable car ride in Asia which makes it more amazing.  The ride will definitely level up your adventure game and make your Kashmir trip more energetic.

River Rafting

Wanna quench your thirst for adventures and make your Kashmir trip more interesting? Well, in such case you must try river rafting. The rapids here are moderate and perfect for the beginners. The tourists can try their hands on river rafting near Sonamarg. However, the Lidder River in Pahalgam is most famous for the activity.

Get ready and spend your vacation in Kashmir with the top travel agent for Kashmir tour packages. Stop waiting and get ready to plan your trip now!!!

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